11/19/21–Texas Torture Case Abuses Continue!

I personally walked into an FBI office in Las Vegas decades ago to report on irregularities after being kidnapped, beaten & tortured by psychiatrists & other drs in Texas & I was told the kangaroo court proceeding there was my “day in court.” Thereafter a cop broke into my apt, beat me up & falsely arrested me with no charges & no crimes. The DA in Las Vegas dropped the case when I wrote to him from overseas where I fled to save my life from the growing abuses surrounding the psychiatric abuse. My professional interests have been blacklisted ever since than & I have had to fight daily to survive. And the entire time I have been raising my two kids who were born in Vietnam thereafter while I was traveling the US government has kept up the cruel professional blacklists & has hit me with 24/7 intense electronic surveillance. And I have been hit with intense psychotronic warfare around the clock ever since I brought my kids to the USA to go to school. They’re both young adults now and the torture continues & it’s a miracle I have any money and am still living and in good health at 67 yo. Federal & state lawmakers across the USA have ignored my requests for criminal investigations of everyone responsible for this & the judge responsible for overseeing this travesty of Justice in Texas refused to reverse the case when I wrote him and requested he do so. And even decent lawyers have told me there’s just nothing they can do about this kind of thing but they would if they could with other lawyers just rudely ignoring my requests for legal assistance. It’s a miracle I have any money at all at this time in my life with much of my family inheritance stolen by my own now deceased brother who figured he could get away with doing so because of all of this. And so now with Hollywood insiders still ignoring my interests in doing a movie about this true story I’m using the Internet to try to gain interest in such a venture someplace else in the world. The USA is clearly actually a terrorist nation which has an interesting way of creating a cruel “locked in system of tyranny” around government endorsed psychiatric abuse cases aimed at crushing the vital interests & lives of activists, whistle-blowers & other innocent targeted people, including children, who have been sacrificed to fuel a very cruel & brutal system of chronic abuse! DrHaroldMandel.com

About Harold Mandel

After becoming a physician I became interested in Natural Health Care when I discovered that orthodox medicine often does not offer people what they are searching for when they are interested in their optimal health potential. I also developed an interest in working for mental health care reforms when I learned that mental health care human rights abuses are a very serious problem across the United States and internationally. I have devoted a major part of my professional career towards working to improve mental health care. I have founded "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" and the "Mandel News Service" to help expose and wipe out mental health care human rights abuses while offering natural options for mental health care. Please be advised that unless otherwise stated the positions against psychiatry in this blog are solely based on my opinions. These opinions are not based on scientific studies. The commentaries in this blog are in no manners meant to take the place of medical treatment if such medical treatment is necessary. However, it is my advice to all readers that you should consult with health care providers who are not psychiatrists if you need help with your general health or mental health. And if at anytime psychiatrists force treatment on you I encourage you try to get help from a lawyer who has an interest in helping people fight unwanted psychiatric treatment. Also, please be advised that although reports herein are often very critical of US Department of Justice associated mental health care brutality I am a peace activist and I only support peaceful forms of protest!-Harold Mandel
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