Careers of targets of psychiatry are maliciously ruined!

Knowing full well how vital hard earned careers with good incomes are for the mental health and overall well being of people Psychiatric Abuse Cliques across the USA and elsewhere worldwide target careers early in the course of hitting the victims of psychiatric treachery. Although the US federal government and states claim this is not true and have clauses written into federal and state laws which actually make this illegal, nevertheless on a daily basis these laws are blatantly broken by the law enforcement people, psychiatrists, other doctors and people in other walks of live. The telephone calls that come into places of employment and potential employment from US feds and cops suggesting that highly qualified and well credentialed people who have been stigmatized with psychiatry be given problems with their career interests are said to be “off the record”. The US feds and cops, who work closely with the psychiatrists, have proven to be terrorists who have been using satellite drone electronic warfare to badger targets of psychiatric take downs and to follow their every move in order to move in to undermine as many of their vital interests as possible. This is all very well accepted by the psychiatrists who feed off of the incredible pain and suffering they inflict their victims with. Whether or not victims of psychiatry could have benefited from humane mental health care, they certainly are all seriously harmed instead by this type of intervention along with the other destructive interventions of psychiatrists. There are licensed medical doctors who are extremely knowledgeable and capable physicians, among other well educated and capable people, who are suffering with menial low paying non-medical jobs because of this. The moves against them by psychiatrists, feds, cops and their personal judges are often in retaliation for their outspoken mental health care human rights activism and other issues which actually have nothing to do with mental illness. The lives of the victims of psychiatry are tragically wasted in this way, with their children too who are generally also very intelligent and capable leading horribly wasted lives due to the life threatening economic disadvantages created for them by the terrorist Psychiatric Abuse Cliques!

The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association


About Harold Mandel

After becoming a physician I became interested in Natural Health Care when I discovered that orthodox medicine often does not offer people what they are searching for when they are interested in their optimal health potential. I also developed an interest in working for mental health care reforms when I learned that mental health care human rights abuses are a very serious problem across the United States and internationally. I have devoted a major part of my professional career towards working to improve mental health care. I have founded "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" and the "Mandel News Service" to help expose and wipe out mental health care human rights abuses while offering natural options for mental health care. Please be advised that unless otherwise stated the positions against psychiatry in this blog are solely based on my opinions. These opinions are not based on scientific studies. The commentaries in this blog are in no manners meant to take the place of medical treatment if such medical treatment is necessary. However, it is my advice to all readers that you should consult with health care providers who are not psychiatrists if you need help with your general health or mental health. And if at anytime psychiatrists force treatment on you I encourage you try to get help from a lawyer who has an interest in helping people fight unwanted psychiatric treatment. Also, please be advised that although reports herein are often very critical of US Department of Justice associated mental health care brutality I am a peace activist and I only support peaceful forms of protest!-Harold Mandel
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