The U.S.A. Is Using Psychiatry In Genocide Campaigns Against the Poor By The Wealthy

The wealthy elitists among the American psychiatrists and U.S. Department of Justice have been working together to use psychiatry to slowly and painfully sadistically murder perfectly sane and law abiding poor people. Many of the targets of this tyranny were simply born poor and never had a chance in life in a nation which endorses this type of tyranny, and many of the victims were driven into poverty after the psychiatrists and U.S. Department of Justice maliciously and sadistically ruined their careers with intentional misdiagnoses of mental illness and associated enforced blacklists from the stigmatization of psychiatric labels. All of the interventions of the psychiatrists, including their poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, their mental hospital concentration camps, electric shock treatments, strait jackets, and isolation chambers are used to break down the normal drives of the victims of psychiatric tyranny in order to facilitate making and keeping them poor. Many of the extremely wealthy people in other walks of life across the entire United States endorse this systematic destruction and slow murder of the victims of psychiatry in order to help them corner most of the resources and power in the nation for themselves and due to blatant and disgusting infectious sadism across the country. The poverty the victims of psychiatry must cope with kills them off due to infectious diseases, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases associated with poor housing and poor nutrition and lack of quality leisure time, coupled with the increased rates of violent crimes, including rapes and murders, in poor neighborhoods. Most of the victims of the American psychiatric genocide campaigns are at least as intelligent and capable as anyone else in the entire society, and in many instances are far more warm hearted and clearly more emotionally stable. Only sociopathic monsters would torture and murder people in such manners.

The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association 


About Harold Mandel

After becoming a physician I became interested in Natural Health Care when I discovered that orthodox medicine often does not offer people what they are searching for when they are interested in their optimal health potential. I also developed an interest in working for mental health care reforms when I learned that mental health care human rights abuses are a very serious problem across the United States and internationally. I have devoted a major part of my professional career towards working to improve mental health care. I have founded "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" and the "Mandel News Service" to help expose and wipe out mental health care human rights abuses while offering natural options for mental health care. Please be advised that unless otherwise stated the positions against psychiatry in this blog are solely based on my opinions. These opinions are not based on scientific studies. The commentaries in this blog are in no manners meant to take the place of medical treatment if such medical treatment is necessary. However, it is my advice to all readers that you should consult with health care providers who are not psychiatrists if you need help with your general health or mental health. And if at anytime psychiatrists force treatment on you I encourage you try to get help from a lawyer who has an interest in helping people fight unwanted psychiatric treatment. Also, please be advised that although reports herein are often very critical of US Department of Justice associated mental health care brutality I am a peace activist and I only support peaceful forms of protest!-Harold Mandel
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