American Psychiatric Purges Are As Barbaric As The Purges of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia Were

The degree of horror associated with the American psychiatric purges has become as filthy and large in scale as the bloody purges of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Camobida were, with the only exception being that the American propaganda machine has so effectively glossed over this horror story that far too many Americans who have not been hit by this tyranny, let alone foreigners, really do not understand what has really been going on. Millions upon millions of perfectly decent, well educated, basically law abiding, peaceful, and warm hearted men, women and children across the United States have lost everything they have worked for including the freedom to feel and think as they desire to the nations consistently greedy, unethical, ignorant and brutal psychiatrists. The reasons behind this tyranny range from pure sadistic greed on the part of the psychiatrists, to intolerance for the color of the skin of a victims spouse, to cover-ups of foul-ups for high paying adherents to the philosophical foundations of the Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death, to petty jealousies over a myriad of matters. One thing is for certain that most if not all of the victims of psychiatry never suffered from anything on the long list of trash unscientific labels used by the psychiatrists from their fictional diagnostic bible, the DSM. If the victims of psychiatry were in fact ever suffering from anything to begin with they have invariably been misdiagnosed and mistreated instead of receiving proper medical intervention. Such things as malnutrition, allergies, lack of exercise, feeling run down from exposure to cigarette smoke, and too much junk food are consistently misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric illnesses by the psychiatrists. And the psychiatrists are paid enormously well for their tyranny with huge financial incentives each time they throw someone in their mental hospital concentration camps, each time they lie in their swift, fixed mental health care court proceedings aimed at legalizing their tyranny, each time another poor soul makes the mistake of visiting their offices based on misinformation about what they really do or each time some poor soul is forced to see them due to court orders from tyrannical judges who use psychiatrists to destroy, not help people , based on their own bigotries and biases and in order to justify their huge paychecks.

The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association


About Harold Mandel

After becoming a physician I became interested in Natural Health Care when I discovered that orthodox medicine often does not offer people what they are searching for when they are interested in their optimal health potential. I also developed an interest in working for mental health care reforms when I learned that mental health care human rights abuses are a very serious problem across the United States and internationally. I have devoted a major part of my professional career towards working to improve mental health care. I have founded "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" and the "Mandel News Service" to help expose and wipe out mental health care human rights abuses while offering natural options for mental health care. Please be advised that unless otherwise stated the positions against psychiatry in this blog are solely based on my opinions. These opinions are not based on scientific studies. The commentaries in this blog are in no manners meant to take the place of medical treatment if such medical treatment is necessary. However, it is my advice to all readers that you should consult with health care providers who are not psychiatrists if you need help with your general health or mental health. And if at anytime psychiatrists force treatment on you I encourage you try to get help from a lawyer who has an interest in helping people fight unwanted psychiatric treatment. Also, please be advised that although reports herein are often very critical of US Department of Justice associated mental health care brutality I am a peace activist and I only support peaceful forms of protest!-Harold Mandel
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