Psychiatric Abuse Victims Are Being Pushed Into Concentration Camps or Onto the Streets to Die Across the USA!

Obama and Biden are human rights abusers just like Bush and Cheney were. Along with all other previous Democratic Party and Republican Party administrations in modern history they have used their money and power to arrogantly have victims of American psychiatric tyranny enslaved, tortured and murdered by blacklisting their vital financial interests instead of encouraging them to get back to school and work in a healthy manner. This is a form of arrogant blackmail upheld by an FBI which has been notoriously arrogant about upholding the nations kangaroo court civil mental health care court proceedings ever since they first became popular in the states in the 1930s. The US feds deal with these swift, fixed civil cases wherein there are no juries and no sworn in testimony as if they are more serious than federal felony terrorist cases with it coming down that even a court order for short outpatient psychiatric treatment becomes a death sentence. Essentially psychiatrists and other medical doctors are paid well to briefly testify before county judges they work closely with in all 50 states across the USA to have victims of state and federal corruption and brutality wasted in the psychiatric system of slow and painful genocide by having them carelessly labeled as being mentally ill and forced into psychiatric treatment instead of helping them get to work in a healthy manner. If the victims of this tyranny survive the literal kidnappings to the mental hospital concentration camps, drugging, beatings, isolation chambers, and other generally unprovoked assaults they are badgered, threatened, blacklisted and intimidated in other manners 24/7 by the US feds and police until they either are landed back in the mental hospital concentration camps to be finished off or onto the streets to be murdered. The only chances the victims of this tyranny generally have to survive is if they are from wealthy families who decide to give them money to keep them alive or if they are among the few and fortunate well known actors and actresses in a Hollywood which has shown a harsh distaste for the nations psychiatric system of genocide ever since stories of the psychiatric torture and murder of such famous figures as Francis Farmer, Marilyn
Monroe, and Judy Garland surfaced decades ago. The US government shows a callous disregard for spouses and even children in such cases whose lives too are therefore on the line. The feds claim this is all the will of the people who elect the state officials who have instituted the sham mental health laws in the states which allow for this. This may very well be true but it is nothing for the American people and psychiatrists to be proud of that together they have helped to create the most archaic, ignorant and abusive legalized system of mental health care tyranny in world history.

The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association


About Harold Mandel

After becoming a physician I became interested in Natural Health Care when I discovered that orthodox medicine often does not offer people what they are searching for when they are interested in their optimal health potential. I also developed an interest in working for mental health care reforms when I learned that mental health care human rights abuses are a very serious problem across the United States and internationally. I have devoted a major part of my professional career towards working to improve mental health care. I have founded "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" and the "Mandel News Service" to help expose and wipe out mental health care human rights abuses while offering natural options for mental health care. Please be advised that unless otherwise stated the positions against psychiatry in this blog are solely based on my opinions. These opinions are not based on scientific studies. The commentaries in this blog are in no manners meant to take the place of medical treatment if such medical treatment is necessary. However, it is my advice to all readers that you should consult with health care providers who are not psychiatrists if you need help with your general health or mental health. And if at anytime psychiatrists force treatment on you I encourage you try to get help from a lawyer who has an interest in helping people fight unwanted psychiatric treatment. Also, please be advised that although reports herein are often very critical of US Department of Justice associated mental health care brutality I am a peace activist and I only support peaceful forms of protest!-Harold Mandel
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